Michaela de la Cour

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Michaela was born in Helsingborg, Sweden. Her last name since birth Dornonville de la Cour a royal from her father’s side.
Prior to joining “Army of Lovers”, Michaela qualified as a teacher and has taught at the Adolf-Fredrik Music School in Stockholm. She also studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Los Angeles.
She joined Army of Lovers in 1991, leaving in December 1995. After her departure from the group, she released the single S.O.S. in 2000 through Universal Music. Releasing her own music on an independent label, she is again making music with Stefan Axelsson.
She was booked for an exclusive gig in Yekaterinburg and started the New Year 2011 with her new show, presenting new songs and a few old hits.
Winning a title in beauty, she became Mrs. Sweden in the mrsworld.com 2009 & 2010 competitions.
Michaela is also a jeweler. She designed the red ribbon for HIV Sverige (HIV Sweden) that honors a new person or organization every year.

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