Flirts - Linda Jo Rizzo

Flirts – Linda Jo Rizzo
Born and raised in New York City, Linda Jo Rizzo came to Germany in the 80’s while on tour with her former girl group, “The Flirts”. Their hit song “Passion” entered the top ten charts in Germany and other European and Asian countries. Producer Bobby Orlando (Pet Shop Boys, Divine) went on to produce further hits for Linda and “The Flirts” such as “Danger, Helpless, and Calling All Boys”. In 1985 Linda leaves the group „The Flirts“ to persue a solo career. Under the production of “Fancy”, a famous 80’s star himself, Linda enters the dance charts with songs such as, “You’re My First, You’re My Last”, “Heartflash”, “Perfect Love” and “Fly Me High”. These songs are also featured on several successful “Italo Boot Mixes”. Linda’s “Passion” for the stage, her charisma, and interaction with her audiences, combined with her NewYork-Italien-American temperament, earns her great success with her fans all over the world. She is known for her entertainment and is often referred to by the audiences at her shows and events as the “Power Lady”.

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