Jasmin Vetter of Arabesque and the CityCats

Jasmin Vetter of Arabesque and the CityCats
It all began back in 1977 in Frankfurt am Main. It was the time when DISCO was at its peak and the so called ‚Munich Sound’ conquered the whole world. Bands such as Boney M., Dschinghis Khan, Baccara and similar that appeared on the tops of charts worldwide. A new girl band has been created, given the very tuneful name Arabesque and song recordings have been started. The first single release was “Hello Mister Monkey” that immediately jumped into the Japanese charts, national and international both. The song stood for 38 weeks and was several weeks at the Number One Spot. They topped even Paul McCartney and have been on the same level like ABBA these days. You can easily check this by the fact that a collector’s box has been released including all albums of ABBA and Arabesque. But the success of this girl band was not only located in Japan: all over other Asian countries, Russia, Egypt, Latin- and South America and of course in Europe the three young Ladies became very famous. Arabesque have been decorated several times with Golden-Record- Awards and other important distinctions (f.e. Goldene Europa). In Japan only they sold more than 14 millions of records and year by year hundreds of thousand CDs still are bought. The year 2017 is marking the 40 th anniversary of this band. We present exclusively Jasmin Vetter with a unique set of Arabesque songs that in parts have never been performed for the last 30 years!
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