Mystic Art

Mystic Art
The project from Frankfurt became known with the chartbreaker 'Das Omen Part I' at the end of the 80s. For seven weeks the band around Nicole Kolb (then still Boeuf) under the original name Mysterious Art took the top position of the charts in Germany and also managed to make it to second place in Austria and Switzerland. They toured with Madonna in the German part of their "Blond Ambition Show", because at the time they were a truly hip and internationally respected act. The succession single, Carma (Omen 2) 'also made it effortlessly back into the top 10. Two albums were published as Mysterious Art. In 1993, under the abbreviation M.A., the song 'Omen 3' was released, which could then again became No. in Germany, 2 in Austria and 3 in Switzerland. In the recent past, Nicole Kolb has repeatedly been asked for a return of the still very danceable sounds in the style of the early EuroDance on stage. Solo performances for various TV shows (among other things Chartshow with RTL and an 80s special on the ZDF) followed and so the idea arose, to revive the project. Today Nicole is performing with her new stage partner (Stephen Folkers) under the name Mystic Art. In addition to the repertoire of the various Omen songs and other Mysterious Art titles, they have some more hits from the time: 'Fade to Graey' by Visage, 'Do not You Want Me' by The Human League, "Sweet Dreams (are Made of This)" by Eurythmics, etc. They make the Pop & Wave and Eurodance Sound resurrect. So in every stage performance Mystic Art appear, they listen the audience singing along the catchy lyrics, "If there's a ghost in your mind ..." again and again, the answer: "... call the OMEN"!

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